Introducing: Tommy Watts

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                          Who Is He?

       New York native, Tommy Watts is the newest artist to grace the music industry. Want lyrical substance and versatility on a mature level, Watts is your guy. Raised by his mother in the Baychester Housing Projects located in the north eastern section of the Bronx, you can expect nothing short of noteworthy grit, accompanying the soulful yet emotional content brought forth by this particular individual.  

       Watts presence in the industry is becoming more palpable each day. From performances in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, a list that continues to build, to gracing the pages of magazines Watts is creating a real buzz in the streets as well as the industry. When asked about his music Tommy says, “I’m not trying to sound like anyone else, I’m not stuck in one style, and I’m not trying to be a tough guy. I’m just being me, improving every bar, every track, every album”. 
       Although Tommy does make music about the streets his perspective is 
slightly different. Instead of just preaching the street life, Tommy addresses the question of why himself in addition to others choose street life curriculum, hustles and survival tactics. With an assortment of feel good party songs betwixt those spunky, ear-tuggin' tracks, Tommy's methods and approach makes him a well-rounded artist. On a mixtape that was included with Issue #5 of STREETS MOS magazine Tommy was the only unsigned artist featured.
       The most important factors 
to take notice of about Tommy Watts is his intense DRIVE and REFRESHING STYLE. Not only does he have great music he has “that special something” that incaptivates the listener. You begin to get familiar with him personally through his dialogues.     

        Personality, style and talent are just a few traits to mention about Tommy which 
makes him one the most innovating and charismatic prospects to keep an eye on.

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